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Poinsettia Growers

Mini poinsettia using winter rose

Selecting the best cultivars for small containers

With the right production schedule poinsettias can be grown in almost any size container, even as small as 2.5 in. pots. Needless to say, low vigor cultivars work best…

Poinsettias in larger pot

Selecting the best cultivars for large containers

Large size poinsettias are increasingly important. While any size of large pot can be used, they are typically grown in 8 to 10 in. pots, normally with…

Ice Punch Tree

Thinking of growing tree poinsettias

This highly specialized form of poinsettias can take much labor to produce and, thus, need a correspondingly high price to be economically viable. However, well-grown…

Poinsettia hanging baskets

Growing poinsettias hanging baskets

Baskets are versatile and can be stunning when well-grown. Baskets can be grown in the overhead space in the greenhouse. Don’t use too many…

Please use the Poinsettia Cultivar Search to find the right varieties for you. Mark the boxes with the desired criteria on the left to narrow the search.